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In line with our vision, we hope to inspire and inform everyone withing and outside the team. In order to do so, we’ve prepared several articles on several topics, as are listed below. Get to know our alumni from our ‘Where are They now’-blogposts or learn something interesting from our ‘Energy Research Archive’! More interested in the vision of our team members on sustainability topics? The ‘Discussion Nights’-articles have got you covered. If you prefer something more low-key, perhaps the ‘Team Energy’-blog has something that suits your needs. You can navigate to the different topics by clicking on the related titles below, or search one yourself in the search-module on the right, have fun!

Team Energy Academic Research Archive

The Eindhoven University of Technology houses some of the most innovative research projects in the energy field. Unfortunately, for those that are not directly involved it is hard to follow all that’s going on. When published, the essence of these research projects is often hidden in long and complex reports that aren’t particularly enjoyable to read, presuming you’d have managed to find the time to do so. As of 2019, Team Energy aims to capture the core findings of academic research in short posts, no longer than one A4-sized paper (only text) in size. Below you will find a link to the most recent atricle added.

Team Energy Discussion Night

The discussion night is an evening of listening and discussing on a certain theme in sustainability or sustainable energy. By sharing and conjoining each other’s insights and perspectives we aim to obtain a better understanding of the topic at hand. More importantly however is that we strive to engage the discussion and learn from its results.

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Where are They now? Alumni Interviews

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