Team Energy Application Procedure

Glad to hear that you want to join the most (sustainably) energetic team of the TU/e! At Team Energy, we value highly our members expectations and ideas. To ensure that our expectations are shared, we ask you to follow our general application procedure:

Step 1: Send us your CV and motivation for joining the team using the application form before the registration deadline (as listed) ends.

Step 2: Our internal relations will get in touch to plan a first (online) chat where we go over the details and answer any questions you still might have.

Step 3: If we met your expectations and you met ours, you are now a part of Team Energy!

Application Deadlines 1st round:

Team Energy Board (2020-2021): May 10th
Energy Now (2020-2021): May 10th

Application Deadlines 2nd round:

Team Energy Board (2020-2021): June 12th
Energy Now (2020-2021): June 12th

Other commissions: June 12th