Ready for a next step? Join the Team Energy board!

We are looking for a new board to guide Team Energy through the coming academic year of 2020-2021! If you have a passion for the energy transition and are looking to expand your professional skills and network horizon, doing a board-year besides your study at Team Energy might just be the perfect opportunity for you!

On the right you will find the most basic information on what we as Team Energy will expect of you, though, to learn more we strongly advise you to reach out for an informal chat over a cup of coffee! You can do so by posing a question through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

General opportunities

In the board of Team Energy, you strive to maintain a healthy dynamic in the group. Through the organisation of internal activities, you ensure a solid foundation for the close community within the team. Besides that, you get to decide the focus of Team Energy for the coming year, increasing its reach and effect!


(or woman); your task is to maintain a clear overview of the commission which Team Energy comprises. As the main face of the team, you have a strong say in the direction the latter will take. Estimated workload 4-6 hours per week.

For specific questions about this role, you can reach out to our current chairman; Mignon Vieveen:

External relations

Fulfilling the role of external relations means that you will engage with the most interesting companies for Team Energy partnerships. Besides aiming to collect the board’s budget, you will have a clear overview of the companies the other commissions within the team are in contact with. Estimated workload 4-6 hours per week.

For specific questions about this role, you can reach out to our current external relations; Diederik Dekkers:

Internal relations

In contrast to the former, the person responsible for the internal relations makes sure all the members of the team operate on the proper foundation. Initiating new internal initiatives and maintaining existing ones are your main focus points, though overall, making sure everyone is feeling right at home is your general motto. Estimated workload 4-6 hours per week.

For specific questions about this role, you can reach out to our current internal relations; Jesse van Kempen:

Public relations

How and where do we present our name at the right time? This is the main question that you will be asking during your board year. As public relations, you are to make sure the right people get to know the right things about Team Energy. Estimated workload 4-6 hours per week.

For specific questions about this role, you can reach out to our current public relations; Arne Steemers:


To maintain the financial stability of the team, the treasurer is to manage the foundation’s account. Making sure the team’s capital is invested in the right opportunities will be your main point of focus. Estimated workload 4-6 hours per week.

For specific questions about this role, you can reach out to our current treasurer; Willem Klok:

To apply, send us an up-to-date version of you CV alongside a motivation letter, we will get in touch with you thereafter!

Energy Now sustainable energy congress

Energy Now, the biggest renewable energy congress in the brainport region, is looking for motivated students to host its fifth edition.

Looking to do something big next to your studies? Organise Energy Now 2021, the biggest Team Energy event of the academic year! Check the dedicated website for more information.

Open general Team Energy commission vacancies

Energy Café

Case night organisation, 2 to 3 hours per week

In the Energy Café, you work together with a company to organise a quarterly case-night somewhere in Eindhoven. Finding a suitable candidate together with a neat location are part of what the Energy Café commission does.

Team Education

Teaching – about 1 hour per week

Together with a few other students, you will be teaching your own module(‘s) about sustainable energy to the soon-to-be and not-so-soon-to-be students from high schools and primary schools respectively.

Team Education

Module and educator management – about 2 hours per week

Together with the educators, you will create new and improve existing modules. You will be a contact point for acquisition and plan in the educators through the year.

Team Energy is always looking for enthousiastic students to strengthen the team. Below you will find a list of the commissions currently active. For an overview of all the events we organise or have organised before, please consult our events page. If any events on the latter page do not appear between the commissions below, you can still choose to apply! Once we’ve managed to find a sufficient amount of committe members (or maybe you know some people yourself) you can start!

Convinced already? Use the button below to apply, also if you’re not quite sure about the role you’d like to occupy; become a general member instead!


Besides the additional advantages of joining a commission, joining Team Energy provides you with some general benefits, as listed here. These benefits can be enjoyed also by the communitee members that haven’t (yet) decided to join a commission.

  • Contact with a group of active and dedicated students with a common goal; contribute to a sustainable energy future.
  • Access to a vast network of alumni that largely found their calling in the renewable energy field.
  • Team activities where likeminded people get connected in an informal setting.
  • A solid foundation of company connections that can help you find the internship or project that you desire.
  • Internal events where members seek to inform and inspire each other.
  • Development of valuable professional skills that will help you strive in the future.

Questions? Get in touch!

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