Team Energy Alumni

As team energy was founded in 2013, we have seen quite a few members come and go. Nevertheless, we keep in touch through internal events and social groups. Recently, with the introduction of the ‘Food-for-Thought’-event we invite our alumni to share with the rest of the team what they’ve been up to since their retirement. The ever-growing group of alumni stays connected and has proven to be of great value to internal members looking for an internship, first job or general career advice.

Where are they now?

In the series of interviews ‘Where are they now?’, we ask them questions about where they have ended up and how Team Energy has influenced their lives!

Where are they now? Minke Goes

Welcome to our newest column, Where are they now? My name is Jean Ormiston and through these interviews I would like to introduce you to the alumni of Team Energy! Once I had joined Team Energy, I was curious as to how it was founded and what the founders and alumni...

Where are they now? Guido Lange

It’s safe to say that Team Energy was the brainchild of Guido Lange. At the time, in the spring of 2013, Guido was following a Master’s degree in Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion, at the Applied Physics faculty of the TU/e. The degree interested him because of...

Annual Alumni Event


On Saturday the 15th of June 2019, Team Energy’s first Alumni Event took place! To celebrate our sixth anniversary, current members and alumni got together to update each other on what they are working on now! After a welcome with green smoothies and a few short talks, we went on a treasure hunt through Eindhoven, passing green buildings and area’s and answering questions about sustainability. A wonderful vegetarian dinner at Café Hubble marked the end of this interesting day!


From 2019 onward, the alumni event will be an annual celebration sparking with energy from within and outside the team.