Who are we?

Team Energy is a group of enthusiastic, motivated and talented TU/e students interested in the present energy transition. A transition that will require a fundamental reorganisation of how we use and generate our energy. Due to the magnitude of this challenge, which touches both the technical and societal field, not only awareness and willingness are needed. We also require new creative ideas and smart technical innovations.

Our Vision

By organising events and facilitating initiatives, Team Energy provides students with the knowledge, network and means to engage in the energy transition. Three pillars define the foundational guidelines by which we operate. Each of these pillars has its own internal and external applications, as illustrated below.


Internal: Together building forth on a vast, accessible base of knowledge that is shared through internal events and social channels.

External: Bringing together experts from companies and research fields to share their knowledge and obtain that of students through exciting and interactive events, then used to educate the young and spread to society at large.


Internal: Scheduled events by and for Team Energy members and alumni allow for mutual inspiration through projects, stories and discussions.

External: Providing a stage to the current innovations and ideas in the energy field to motivate those in the driver’s seat and inspire those in the back.


Internal: By informal events and activities, members are connected to their like-minded peers and predecessors.

External: Allowing for students, professionals and researchers to meet and discuss, plants the seeds to flower into fruitful collaborations, ideas and initiatives that move the transition forward.

If you share this vision and are looking to take part in the energy transition, Team Energy is the place to be! You can become a community member, join a commission or start your own. Curious? Find out more by clicking here.

Our Motivation

During the summer of 2019, the national heat record was broken with temperatures reaching more than 40 degrees Celsius in several places scattered across The Netherlands. For many this was but another indication that global warming is real and is happening fast. With more extreme weather conditions appearing more frequently all over the planet, the call for change is ever more urgent. As the generation born in the midst of this global issue and whose future is at stake, we want to make our best efforts to undo and repair the mistakes of the past.

Energy is considered one of, if not the most important pillar of industry and economy, and therefore of invaluable importance to our societies and those developing in the global south. Though of vital importance, our supply of energy largely depends on fossil fuels, emitting vast amounts of CO2, amounts beyond nature’s ability to assimilate. This unsustainable process is now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and is in need of radical change.

By informing, inspiring and connecting students, professionals and researchers we believe that we can develop the brightest solutions and ideas. Solving an issue that affects us all can only be done if we work together, so let’s get to it!