Future of Urban Energy Systems

Energy Now happened again last 17th of May 2022 in the Philips Stadion! The future of our cities depends on the decisions we make about our energy now. From where it is sourced to how it is consumed will determine our living environment for generations to come. As a species we depend on energy in every aspect of our lives and by 2045 the world’s urban population will have reached 6 billion. This exponential growth of city-dwellers will present one of the major challenges of the coming century. How can we provide the required energy while accommodating for this increased urban expansion and energy consumption while transforming already existing infrastructure to reduce emissions and prevent further global warming? By adopting novel technology and methodologies into our urban energy systems we can make them digitalised, decentralised and decarbonised. You can watch this year’s aftermovie below, and visit our webpage to know more about next edition!


Who are we?

Energy Now is the biggest congress in the brainport region directly related to the current energy transition. Our goal is to inspire, interest, and connect students, professionals and companies to take action in the transition towards sustainable energy. This event creates a bright perspective on the energy transition by focusing on the opportunities it creates in the present rather than in the future. Promising innovations and developments in the field of energy are highlighted from the perspectives of research, academics, companies and entrepreneurs. The event strengthens the connection between students, business people and researchers to learn from each other.


What have we achieved?

Energy Now has organised 4 yearly congresses about the energy transition. We gathered hundreds of students, various companies playing a great role in the energy transition to learn from each other. 

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