Team Energy Discussion Night

The discussion night is an evening of listening and discussing on a certain theme in sustainability or sustainable energy. By sharing and conjoining each other’s insights and perspectives we aim to obtain a better understanding of the topic at hand. More importantly however is that we strive to engage the discussion and learn from its results.

Below you will find a collection of articles that give you an indication of the subject matter and some of the views that were voiced.

Discussion night 2 – Trying to make a change

On the previous discussion night, we set out to explore the question: why is mankind struggling with sustainability if we have all the knowledge, resources, and money needed for it? In this discussion night we continue where we left off, trying to find a way to real change.

Discussion night 4 – Climate change is a luxury

There are people who hate it, and people who love it: activism. In this fourth discussion night, we discover what good (and bad) demonstrating can do.

Discussion night 1 – Mankind’s biggest challenge yet

In this very first discussion night we try to grasp the causes of the crisis we inhabit today. What is it that needs to change in us to assure a future?

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