About Us

Team Energy is a student team comprised of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. By the organisation of events, we seek to inform, inspire and connect other students, researchers and professionals to partake in the energy transition. Our vast network of partners and alumni provide a solid environment for team members to develop their professional skills and familiarise themselves with the leading companies in the energy field. Though the team consists of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, we are all driven by a common vision; to realise a sustainable future!

Are you a student and curious about what it is like to be part of Team Energy? Check our vision to see how we operate and our initiatives to see what we do. We are always excited to welcome new members, check out our open vacancies to see if there is something that suits your interests!

Applied Superconductivity in Current and Emerging Technologies

An overview of superconducting technologies, the increased availability of superconducting materials, and new technology developments that become possible for industrial and energy applications.

Discussion night 4 – Climate change is a luxury

There are people who hate it, and people who love it: activism. In this fourth discussion night, we discover what good (and bad) demonstrating can do.

Experiments on a household-scale thermochemical storage system

To compensate for the energy imbalance that comes with the application of renewable sources and availability of heat, energy storage has become an increasingly dominant research field in the academic world. For thermal energy storage, we can distinguish three...

Sustainability of events

Team Energy was invited by the municipality to discuss the sustainability of events in Eindhoven. This successful cooperation has led to the creation of a review (Dutch) on the carbon emissions of events, written by Daan van der Werf.

Discussion night 2 – Trying to make a change

On the previous discussion night, we set out to explore the question: why is mankind struggling with sustainability if we have all the knowledge, resources, and money needed for it? In this discussion night we continue where we left off, trying to find a way to real change.

Discussion night 1 – Mankind’s biggest challenge yet

In this very first discussion night we try to grasp the causes of the crisis we inhabit today. What is it that needs to change in us to assure a future?

Team Vacancies

As always, we are excited to welcome any enthusiastic newcomers in our team. Right now, we have quite a few applications open for the coming academic year. If you’re interested, click the button below to learn more about the possibilities!

Don’t hesitate, because in times like these, you’re likely not the only one looking for something extra to do!