18 December 2017

The importance of energy in our lives is so overrated. Or, is it?

A warm welcome to fellow engineers, energy enthusiasts and curious readers, I am Nataraj, one of the newest members of Team Energy. In the upcoming months (and possibly a couple of years), I am going to use this platform to provide monthly updates on interesting advancements in the energy sector, further the discussion about the importance of understanding energy use and offer insight into the work done by Team Energy. So let’s get started!

The importance of energy in our lives is so overrated. Or, is it?

Energy in various forms fuels our day-to-day activities. It is so ingrained in our lives that a single moment of blackout can cause widespread panic. We keep thanking energy for its existence, in personal and physical sense. But do we give enough attention to the ways in which it is produced? Do we give enough precedence to the one thing that governs so many basic aspects of life at once? Energy is literally defined as “the strength and vitality required for sustained mental and physical activity” and there is no denying the fact that energy is essential for us to continue to be such a productive society.

There are two adjectives that duly define the present energy scenario: SAD and EXCITING. The sad part being that we, as a community, have failed to acknowledge our limits of meddling with nature and we are, sadly, seeing its aftermath, the most influential one being, climate change. As per various sources, we are not going to achieve our global temperature change limit of 2 degrees. Moreover, there is a projected rise of over 2% in the global consumption of fossil fuels. The truth is that we are witnessing the effect of decades of ignorance. But we have finally recognized our mistakes and have come to a global consensus (The Paris Agreement) in accepting our mistakes and recognizing the danger of climate change.

The exciting part is the question: What comes ahead? As I write this blog, so many technological breakthroughs are being achieved and a number of policies are being worked upon. However, there are few things that we are overlooking. Decades of ignorance is affecting our perspective. We are still not addressing our problems at its very roots. We are still looking for methods to supply our energy demands, without accurately addressing our pattern of extravagant energy use.

We, at Team Energy, are a small group of energy enthusiasts, who want to push this energy discussion onto bigger levels by providing a platform for students to come up with their side of the story about energy. Upcoming projects like ‘Unplugged’, are aimed to make people realize the effect of small actions, like unplugging their devices, in the economic and energy patterns perspective.

Through this platform, we would like to help further the dialogue of renewable energy and its importance for the continued harmonious existence of the world. In the upcoming blogs, we will further discuss about important breakthroughs in the energy sector and also a list of events in that month. Is the importance of energy in our lives overrated? Most definitely, not!

Our upcoming events for the month of December  2017 are:

Unplugged – 18-22 December

Unplugged is an event that is aimed at raising awareness among the employees of TU/e about the possible energy savings by just unplugging their devices before they leave for their year end vacations. For more information visit : https://www.team-energy.nl/unplugged/

Do you wish to be a part of a group of energy enthusiasts? Join Team Energy! All you need to do is to send in your CV with a motivation letter to TeamEnergy@tue.nl . Let’s all do our part in making this world a better place!

Until our next blog, have an awesome month and a happy new year, people!